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The Safer Window Company installs security screens in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, and Ohio for enhanced security. Being secure on the outside means you’re secure on the inside. These state-of-the-art screens use an innovative metal mesh to protect your businesses, schools, government buildings, and other organizations with enhanced security. They also help block out 53% of solar heat gain and 62% of UV rays to help you save money on your monthly energy bills while allowing in natural light.

Each screen is made-to-measure, so we guarantee a snug, one-of-a-kind fit to prevent intruders and more from entering your facility. Our security screens work 24/7 and don’t need to be turned on like electronic options. 

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Benefits of The Safer Window Company Security Screens

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Improved Security

Thanks to the innovative materials and processes while creating these safety screens, they can help prevent burglars from entering through your windows. Each one is handcrafted to fit your window to ensure better protection.
Enhanced Safety Screens Installation Services in Georgia

Enhanced Safety

Whether from a tornado or hurricane, debris flying through a storm is dangerous. Our highest-rated safety screen is able to withstand 880 ft.-lbs. of force. Other options can still withstand 400 and 550 ft.-lbs.
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Reduced Risk of Damage

Our safety screens protect the inside of your facility from flying objects during heavy rain and windstorms. If these elements are allowed in the building, you could see significantly more damage than the broken window.
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Increased Customer Confidence

When customers feel safe and secure, they are more likely to spend money in a business where they feel safe and secure. Our options are much more attractive than using older, outdated bar systems, but just as strong.
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Reduced Insurance Premiums

Most insurance companies provide discounts if they know you have installed security screens. This added layer of protection can start paying for itself as soon as we finish installing it.

Security Screens Create Safer Businesses

We have safeguarded all types of businesses with our high-impact security screens. Check out the many different commercial buildings we’ve protected below: Call today to learn more.

Retail Stores

Protect your goods while the store is open as well as when you are closed. Our security screens don’t get paid by the hour and work 24/7.

Office Buildings

Keep your employees, equipment, and files safe from intruders and damage during heavy storms. You also maintain the beauty of your exterior.


If you store your inventory in a warehouse, it can be a primary target for thieves. Installing our security screens makes it next to impossible to access.


Your equipment and employees are your primary assets, and our security screens keep them protected from intruders and thieves.

Schools & Universities

These places should be a sanctuary where students focus on learning. Install our screens to help them and staff feel safe throughout the day.

Hospitals & Clinics

Staff and patients stay well-guarded from trespassers. Our security screens also safeguard your equipment from debris in windy storms.

Government Buildings

Classified documents remain secure once our security screens are installed. Workers can also feel safe when going to work every day.

Non-Profit Organizations

Spend your money wisely and choose our security screens to ensure a safe workplace for employees, volunteers, and your property.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered

If you're new to the world of security screens, you may have some questions or concerns. From navigating the installation process to understanding the role of these pivotal additions, The Safer Window Company has you covered. Understand your investment with our residential and commercial security screens FAQ.

Secure Premium Security Screens for Your Home or Business

Achieve unwavering protection and total peace of mind with Safer Window Company. Our leading experts can help you discover state-of-the-art security screen innovations that boost the safety and functionality of your home or business. Contact our team today to learn more or schedule your service.

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