Are you looking to replace your home windows in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, or Ohio? The Safer Window Company has the perfect replacement options. Our home windows provide so much more than energy efficiency. With these new windows, you can expect protection for your loved ones during the next storm and intruders since they are built to last. Reach out when you are ready to make the switch to protect your home and loved ones while saving monthly.
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Benefits of Choosing Our Home Windows

bow window

Improved Security

Our high-impact windows have been put to the test. Attendees have been given wooden and aluminum bats at home shows to practice their swing. Most of the time, the bats end up bent or completely broken.
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Enhanced Safety

Hurricanes and tornados can impact any of our clientele, so our custom-made windows were built to last. They protect your home from flying debris to ensure your family and possessions stay as safe as possible.
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Energy Efficiency

If you live in an older home, you know drafty windows are no stranger. Save monthly on your energy bills by using our windows. They are airlocked to prevent air from getting in or out when utilizing your home’s HVAC.
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Your dollars go further with our high-impact windows. Thanks to their durability, you won’t have to replace them as often when the stray football makes contact from the backyard. We use heavy-walled construction for all installations.
kitchen and dining room with view of porch

Aesthetically Pleasing

Each of our windows comes with a beautiful millwork frame to give your house an elegant and fresh new look no matter what period your home was built. We install windows to match any current design or help make it look brand-new.

Types of Home Windows Installed

We work with all styles of homes to deliver better windows for safety and efficiency. Windows offers form and function to any home. You can choose from any of the following:

Architectural Windows

We install these in any shape to help accent the architecture of your home. Half-rounds, quarter-rounds, and triangles can complement any home.

Bay Windows

Give yourself more open space with this option. These decorative windows project outward and create excellent reading nooks or display areas.

Bow Windows

Similarly to bay windows, these bow out from the wall but contain four or more panes of glass instead of three.

Double Hung Windows

With these options, you can open the window from the top or bottom by raising or lowering the sashes. They are the most traditional window style.

Picture Windows

Sometimes referred to as fixed windows, these windows do not open. We install these as a prominent home feature and to allow in lots of natural light.

Slider Windows

The operable sash slides left or right to open the window for fresh air or to clear out smells in the home.

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